tummy went to work Who said one should buy a scale and weigh oneself every single morning? What could possibly be the expected outcome?


How can one’s weight be 1 kg more than just one week before? It cannot… Or more accurately speaking, it can, because it really DOES matter what one ate the evening before, what one is wearing and how much sleep one got.. maybe.

But still! I am not happy. This center-body of mine is NOT growing at that rate, or I’m ready to go ballistic. I try to tell myself that it is not the prawn salad with half a portion of sweet chili sauce I ate yesterday, that it was not too much.. But perhaps cut down on eating out? Do I eat out too much? This week was a little special in that sense, starting at the new job and all meant less time to grocery shop and cook.

So, to put oneself at ease, what should one do? I think cut down on even the little candy one eats, not cut down on normal food (skip chips, fried foods) AND forget about the scale for at least a week. And maybe, just maybe it was the wet towel I was wearing this morning..

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