Academic Writing Month

“The time has come the time has come the time has come today”

Not convinced? Well, I fear my time has come. To write. After slow progress on several papers, I must pick myself up amidst all the hassle and end-of-contract chaos and simply push. As my mentor says: You must be selective about what you write, but finish! So I shall.

A recent article (again) triggered this. There is no time like the present and the goals must be set openly. So here goes.

Goal #1:

I must submit two pending works by the end of this year, one by the end of this month (Nov 2012).

Goal #2:

I  must complete a draft of a third paper by the end of this year thus fulfilling my role in the project.

Goal #3:

I must work closely with two other collaborators on two further papers and submit them early next year, by end of March the latest. The analysis for these papers is also largely complete, only writing remains.

Goal #4:

I will follow the progress of my work and openly account for any fall-backs and positive results alike. This will be carried out monthly at the start of each month.


Academic Writing Month and the social landscape of academic practice | Higher Education Network | Guardian Professional.

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