24 wk tummy at the office

Ante-natal this pre-natal that, zwagerschap, pregnancy, pre-birth. An ERA much like pre-marriage that the whole commercial industry tries to take advantage of. And a second-time mother should know better..

I revert to peer-discussions and building my local network of moms, mostly working mothers, colleagues and the like. They are an invaluable source of information, after filtering and considering their circumstances and how they differ from yours.

However, after putting together information from all available sources, namely books, internet, peers, colleagues, midwife, do we still need to attend the costly Partner preparation, Pregnancy yoga, Preparation for childbirth etc? Possibly not. As long as one stays open to ideas and information from various sources and actively involves the partner in decision making, as well as feelings and physical changes. I think the best outcome is, when expecting the baby is done together as a team, information sought and taken note of together and feelings shared.

Instead of joining in all the ‘humbug’ and some more matter-of-fact courses, I think I’ll use my past experience and try to stay fit [by continuing to attend normal yoga classes], listen to my partner, and spend as much time together after work as possible. I’ll also try to learn to overcome mood swings and let him know more about how I feel, even when not so hot ;)

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