Away from the storm

Perfect timing! Maybe not weather-wise but otherwise it was certainly true of our recent trip to Finland.

On return we heard the locals’ account of what went on in our neighborhood during the recent rioting. Not good.. Living upstairs from a police station meant sirens wailing day and night, people crouching in their apartments all evening (and most of the days too I suppose), morning being the only relatively normal time of the day. Shop-raiding, havoc-causing in our local mall & high street had not been limited to the few accounts we read about in the newspapers. Shards of glass everywhere, or so we are told.

With the little chick going to daycare each day close to the mall & shopping area, and ourselves taking the tube downtown each day passing through the very centre of our neighborhood, I cannot but let out a sigh of relief. Thank G we were not here! My friend even told me she had hardly slept for 3 nights in a row, not least due to the sirens.. imagine Lulu then! But we were not here, we were in pleasant-ville Mankkaa and the beautiful & quiet archipelago cabin of my in-laws.

Although we missed the fantastic summer weather Finland had nearly two months in a row, this year I shall not complain about our timing!

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