Baby wrist and varying nights

Dear reader,

This feels like writing a diary entry.. at home, with baby, stay-at-home mommy is lifting a weight off her shoulders by writing. Oh well, whatever the reason to write, here goes!

My body is falling apart! After recovering from the 9 months of gradual weight gain and subsequent birth, I am now starting to feel Lulu’s weight gain all over me. Firstly my condition. I am not in good physical condition! No matter what the scale says (is ok, back to ‘old’ self), I can feel it.. Small thingies around the home in slightly elevated summer temperatures and i’m sweating. Also, long walks in the park & around town make my legs ache. Then there’s the baby wrist.. That is for sure the immediate reaction to little Lulu not being so little any more. Should lift her with my other arm… but patterns are so difficult to change! I also clearly bend my body weirdly when holding her etc. because my stomach/side muscles started aching too.. Interesting isn’t it? Not really.. I know, so SORRYYYYY!

Getting enough sleep at night depends. The baby has developed a rhythm, which is a big plus! She goes to bed around nine, and if not sleepy enough, lies there awake and puts herself to sleep soon enough looking at her birds-mobile and perhaps listening to the bunny music box play out its mellow tune. However, since she goes to bed at such set time, it is not always right after a feed. And now she’s started waking up more.. I know, I know, it takes time ’till they’re old enough to get through the night, but I want my sleep back too! And it’s nothing serious. I was just so proud of her, doing just one feed a night almost always, and the past week it’s been a couple times already on more than one night. I guess I’m starting to think about next month and returning to work (just for that month, then on leave for another two). It’s going to be interesting, that’s for sure. I’m such a mommy… geez!

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