Back from the ice age

After a long silence it is time to write again. And after a lot of fuss, travel and relocation head-aches, I finally have a moment TO write!

The spring in London is absolutely fabulous. Let me think.. is that the word they use so much around here? “Faaa-bulous”. It’s not fantastic.. that much I know (because I use fantastic a lot, they probably think i’m weird). Other than that, my worries about not being language savvy enough have not proven to be too detrimental, although I really enjoyed my recent travels to the US and talking in US Eng to my dear friends over there. The “proper” English way can most definitely be learnt as well, and won’t even take too long. Besides, no one cares what accent you speak in, everyone here has one and no-one is “just” British!

Practicalities are starting to work out as well. There were soooo many phone calls to make and letters to write in the beginning, but now things are leveling off. As they should.. Only the broadband (bb) i-net and landline connections are still troublesome (hence the title).

About food. We are quite happy so far. I’ve found a rather good, brand new turkish-i’national shop on the way to Lulu’s daycare, which has an amazing variety of veggies, fresh herbs, turkish canned stuff, white cheese and the like. Our local supermarket is not too bad either, esp if you’re able to make use of their offers. Chicken is perhaps a slight bit more expensive than in Amsterdam (where it was the only inexpensive meat, save for the lamb in the turkish shops), but other meats are more readily available, as well as fish. Also the selection of other items is better, hence the name SUPERmarket.. which are far apart and difficult to find in A’dam.

Transport is not fantastic with the stroller unless you walk. You can take it on the bus, but if there are two (counting yourself) in the vehicle, you get into trouble. There is not a lot of space. On the tube the problem is posed by the steps. There are almost invariably steps to reach the street even if there is an escalator. Mostly, however, if we are heading downtown in the weekend there are two of us, so we can manage just fine.

Lulu. Everyone is interested in how she’s doing, of course. It was a shock for her in the start, that goes without saying, but things are looking up in that department as well. She started sleeping through the night again after some two weeks of restlessness. It was very soon after we came here (6 days or so) that she started practicing at her new daycare, and that is still not so great. In the morning she wails terribly, refuses to get off the stroller and points at the door to go back outside. Alas, we still need to leave her there in order to get our work and business taken care of, and they tell us she is fine over the course of the day. Only, she refuses to sleep there.. which I hope will change soon, now after it is working out better at home. Other than that, she is enjoying the many parks and greenery around us. Just yesterday she chose to play with the ball in the park over lunch.. which resulted in her also skipping her nap at the usual time and waking up over-hungry and rather late. But hey, we wanted her to have some fun too when she could.

Ilkka started at his new work on the 1st of the month. Working conditions are maybe not the most desirable, however he’s been asked to partake in several small projects, as well as getting involved with PhDs. He’s happy about these new developments, and so far there is no talk of teaching (suits him fine too). The only desire is that he get his proper work computer soon.. as that was not delivered on time.

I am meeting my new boss today for the first time, and hope to make a good impression. However, it is really more like a meet and greet than a proper work meeting, so I decided to go with a rather relaxed attitude just to introduce myself and hopefully get another appointment for a later date.

Later this week I am also traveling to Finland, and will spend 3 days at work and the weekend with little Amos. Haven’t seen him since February, and this lack of bb is bad for skype! So about time to spend some quality time w/ kiddo. Did some shopping for souvenirs just y-day :)

And after Finland there is a visit to a colleague in Oxford, and then.. Easter vacation! We’re looking very much forward to spending days together strolling the streets and visiting new neighborhoods. Hope the weather holds out!

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