Busy busy!

What an intriguing day!

First a meeting with the ‘grey panthers’ of the IWC with a most interesting guest speaker: Conductor of the Amsterdam Symphony Orchestra. Look up: http://www.amsterdamsymphony.com > Dirigent PETER SÁNTA made quite an impression on everyone at the meeting. He has the most curious life tale to tell despite his young age. A true follower of his own path. Gave me loads of inspiration to continue on my funky search of happiness and work-life balance!

Next was an AMIDSt seminar titled Investigating the role of social capital – fishing cooperatives and the resilience of the coastal poor in Sri Lanka given by Dr Oscar Amarasinghe. What a way to learn the concepts and language of my fellow social, economic & geographical science researchers! Deprivations; natural, physical, economic and social capital; resilience; vicious cycle of poverty and so on.

I will continue to follow seminars as often as possible. They give not only the opportunity to reflect back on one’s own work and findings but also to connect, even on the most theoretical level to those around you and the concepts, terminology, themes flying about.

Now off to attend the offerings of the national Restaurant Week with a good friend!

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