Busy months of Sep & Oct

Thank G the sun is shining on one day in between all the rain.. Enough of the rain already! However, no such luck, this is the Netherlands after all.

So busy the rest of the year got to be that I am already starting to feel bad for the family’s sake.. Tons of travel and busy days at the office tend to take their toll on my smiles at home. Or maybe this time it’s different? At least I’m concentrating on it..

After some bad luck with one of my papers, another one just got very workable reviews, and will be published after my corrections, still later this year in the Finnish Yearbook of Population Research. The paper is on Laestadians (revivalist Lutheran group) and regional fertility differences in Finland. A colleage at UvA has also asked me to accompany her on her next trip to India, also later this year. In addition I am teaching on the course Development Studies for the first time at UvA, taking a teaching methods intensive class, have a newly appointed senior lecturer tutoring me in the beginning of this teaching ordeal, AND a great colleague is defending her PhD in Finland where I will be visiting in October.

As cherry on the top: Ilkka and I have started planning our holiday trip to the Surinamese jungle next Jan!

All work and no fun .. and so on. So a nice balance of work and fun it is!

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