Ready for holidays!

Meetings, planning and paper-writing will soon be set aside, as me and the family head toward Portugal this upcoming Saturday. Just having purchased an online Lonelyplanet book chapter it is hard to take my eyes off the street maps of Lisbon, directions to Sintra and the wonderful descriptions of both. My daydreaming of a week’s […]

Express yourself!

Woman! Be emancipated through your work! Is there another way to be emancipated? Do women need emancipation? How about men, or are they emancipated enough as it is? After yet another women-labor force-caring for children-work life balance academic discussion over lunch, I feel pressured to write down some thoughts. I fear I’m starting to be […]

Teaching & Performance overview

The day of meetings. Morning started at 8 am with a skype session to Finland. Luckily I have a flexible boss, so this is indeed possible, thus saving me a 3-h flight to Finland and back. Not to mention the money and CO2 saved.. Performance talk went well. I was very honest about the bench […]

Religious work

Work as a religion? Religion as a way of life? Neither, thank you very many. However, I have been able to make good progress with my research of the Finnish Lutheran (State) Church minority, Laestadian Lutherans. My objective is to map the congregations of different minorities and the state church, and to estimate some effects […]

Mondays at home

A month ago I went back to work, but for Lulu we only had 4 days per week daycare. Thus I decided to continue my parental leave one day a week, which in practice is not possible in Finland, and therefore I am on 80% work contract officially. I still get reimbursed by the state […]