Working mommy

Pheew. This is the day after the conference. It was not a huge event, and not such a ‘big deal’, except for me. The mommy who went there despite being on maternity leave. I chose to go to the conference  to meet new people. It was a Dutch Demographers’ meeting, and I’d never met most […]

No such luck

Bummer, I thought this Monday when opening my institute webmail from my laptop. That must be an email from the conference organizers.. I had applied to a political science-conference in Potsdam in September this year and (only) now received the rejection email. This is based on a short abstract only, so no worries, doesn’t mean […]

Busy busy!

What an intriguing day! First a meeting with the ‘grey panthers’ of the IWC with a most interesting guest speaker: Conductor of the Amsterdam Symphony Orchestra. Look up: > Dirigent PETER SÁNTA made quite an impression on everyone at the meeting. He has the most curious life tale to tell despite his young age. A true […]

Weekend ahead

How wonderful is that, after a normal work-week that started off promisingly in terms of a data bundle for India, plummeted a little in the middle, and today felt an uprising with exciting conference details for the fall. I also attended a seminar on the Warhol Economy by Elizabeth Currid and a PhD defence on Bangladeshi […]

India, here I come! Nordic workshops, here I come!

Super. Super super super! This is the kind of Monday everyone should have. Every week! With the bad news about incompatibility of Video Conferencing facilities in the morning, I was a little gloomy. However, I had a phone call from a colleague inviting me to lunch with another partner in the India-project that we are […]