When we can’t afford to burn the reserves.. economics of carbon emissions:

“if listed and state-owned companies were to release reserves for burning at equal rates, there would be 80 per cent more fossil fuels listed on stock exchanges than society can afford to burn” Read more on Carbon bubble is a real risk for markets – FT.com (requires subscription or registration for 8 free articles / […]

Tremors from translating science into advice

A recently tried court case in Italy caused an uproar in the science community after jailing six scientists and one politician who failed to warn the public about an improbable seismic event in 2009. Accountability in such cases is surely difficult to determine, especially when people were acting according to their best understanding of the […]

European attitudes towards environment

A year ago already, the EU published an interesting document on the attitudes of the EU27 about environmental matters. It is called the Special Eurobarometer 365. These reports are based on “in-depth thematical studies carried out for various services of the European Commission or other EU Institutions and integrated in Standard Eurobarometer’s polling waves” I […]

Food vs Fuel

  The world turned towards the US on the topic of food vs energy, a debate that is going strong as a primary cereal for food, feed and fuel production is growing thin. The FT reports [registering may be required to view in full]: UN urges US to cut ethanol production Some highlights: Corn, soyabean […]

Energy and waste discussion. Once again.

Interesting article in the Guardian today on waste management and use of biowaste for energy. Ban food waste from landfill for renewable energy, urges thinktank. And the original article: How to get the anaerobic digestion sector moving. It would be most interesting to actually study the waste-energy infrastructure of several cities in a comparative fashion, […]