Women in STEM careers – evidence sought by UK Parliament

The “leaky pipeline” is sometimes used to describe the continuous loss of women at consecutive career stages within Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). These gradual losses reduce the numbers of women retained in STEM further education and work. Thus begins the House of Commons call for evidence description on the Parliament website. It is […]

“Ei puhu eikä pussaa”


The title of this entry is exceptionally in Finnish due to the nature of the topic. It translates into “doesn’t speak, doesn’t kiss”. This is traditionally (or archaically) attributed to Finnish men. This writing comes from a rather different perspective. As a mother to one young “Finnish man”, I am astonished it has turned out […]

Education at a Glance 2012

New OECD publication out today: Directorate for Education – Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. ..enables countries to see themselves in the light of other countries’ educational performance. And immediately (rightfully) captured by the British press: Children from immigrant families face significant challenges. Moreover, this happens in the UK especially, compared with France, the Netherlands […]

Reining in Creativity

What comes after a quiet period is the creative one. I guess most people in creative professions (including scientists!) can agree with this. What is challenging, however, is dealing with bursts of energy and focusing them to the right cause. After months of job searching and head scratching I’ve recovered to my usual self. But […]

Vent: work-life balance

I just read an article in HS concerning working mothers and tax deduction eligibility http://www.hs.fi/tulosta/HS20110802SI1MA01ko8. In Finland you can officially employ help in the home, get tax benefits, and both be better off. There is less cash-in-hand employment, more employment in general, and less household tasks / babysitting problems for the working parents. The only […]