Ante-natal this pre-natal that, zwagerschap, pregnancy, pre-birth. An ERA much like pre-marriage that the whole commercial industry tries to take advantage of. And a second-time mother should know better.. I revert to peer-discussions and building my local network of moms, mostly working mothers, colleagues and the like. They are an invaluable source of information, after […]

The kid is coming!

Excitement Excitement! How do mommies survive w/out their kids? They hardly do.. Also this time I was kept in suspense for a long time as Amos’ grandmother was nearly unable to make the trip – meaning no Amos for me :( BUT! Luckily that did not happen. They’ll be here in . .. . less […]

Only the best for my kid!

Indeed. There is lots of shopping to do before my term is up. There are 2 pieces of preggers-clothing I miss from Amos’ expecting days: a breast-feeding tunic and a maternity dress from the French brand Formes. Of baby attire/equipment I have in store (mainly thanks to my nest-providing mother) cloth diapers, sheets, blankets and […]

Everybody hurts

Family life spread between two countries and many adults is not always easy. This was witnessed on my visit to Finland over the past 4 days. Where does one sleep when there is the home of the kiddo & ex, mom, in-laws and all about & over 10 km from my work place in Helsinki, […]