“Impostors” Downshift Career Goals

A very interesting study was recently highlighted in the Science magazine’s careers section. It is about gender and science (once again), but from a slightly different perspective than usual. This time the research digs into the numbers behind (and effects of) impostorism. In this ‘condition’ one feels like an ‘imposter’, thinking that one’s achievements are […]

Women in STEM careers – evidence sought by UK Parliament

The “leaky pipeline” is sometimes used to describe the continuous loss of women at consecutive career stages within Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). These gradual losses reduce the numbers of women retained in STEM further education and work. Thus begins the House of Commons call for evidence description on the Parliament website. It is […]

Choose to be an entrepreneur, create what you imagine!

Instead of working at Bain Capital.. [E]voking a good mood that has been honed by food companies such as Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in the US or Innocent drinks, the UK juice company: Typically, Michel et Augustin packaging has light-hearted details of how the product was made or how the company works. “If you […]

Romney could use a “Bain” lesson

Got to love this post titled “Why Romney was surprised to lose”. After a quick stroll through the different campaign tactics between Romney and Obama, the article specifies a kind of “consulting firm” approach that Obama’s camp had going for them, and Romney’s didn’t. That on top of the fact that the Romney camp set […]

High street’s day of the dead – Welcomed!

Sunday’s article in the Guardian Business sector is an interesting account of the current economic climate, retail market and customer preference. After our household just recently bought into the “tablet hype” we too have been quite keen to follow the market trends in electronics and the competition out there. I wouldn’t like to be an […]