What does it take to make a discovery these days?

“There is strength in a diversity of approaches and trying to tackle a problem from a single viewpoint, or discipline, today may well be insufficient to achieve the necessary breakthrough. I believe the age of the lone heroine scientist is past. The challenges we face are so multi-faceted and vast that no single mind can […]

The careerist: Saying ‘I don’t know’

Most of us don’t know everything. Heck, none of us do! Then why is it so difficult to say it out loud? Or is it just in certain circumstances? I believe we all have something to learn in this respect. Admitting not knowing can truly be liberating.. as the article describes below, for people working […]

Immigration policy goes against British universities

I am saddened by this summer’s events in student migration/visa issues both here in the UK and in the NL. London Metropolitan University plays a big part in the widening participation agenda ..growing perception that the UK does not welcome these students, and is prepared almost without notice to jeopardise their education via Immigration policy […]

Lucy strikes again

I love this columnist! Not that it would mean I agree with everything she says or chooses as topic, I still admire her bold wordings, choices and obvious frankness. Check this out: Lucy Kellaway on Helen Gurley Brown – the late Cosmo girl. As usual, I cannot but quote some of the ingenious lines Lucy’s […]


A refreshing yet saddening account of plagiarism was written about in the Financial Times: Plagiarism is more than an academic matter. The case of a well-known ‘hot-shot’ journalist was revealed by a blogger ten days ago. At the time of the FT article, the journalist in question was suspended from duty, however has apparently been […]