Hercules in Love

What a wonderful ending for the weekend, to go to the opera w/ your man & the rest of the Amsterdam elite.. And what a production! Opera made anew – humor, amazingly staged set as well as high quality performances, at least to my uneducated ear. The starting sushi and recess coffee & cake were a wonderful […]


Who said one should buy a scale and weigh oneself every single morning? What could possibly be the expected outcome?  PANIC! How can one’s weight be 1 kg more than just one week before? It cannot… Or more accurately speaking, it can, because it really DOES matter what one ate the evening before, what one […]

Yoga continues

Back aches? What back aches? Never had them.. before expecting Amos. Now slowly being reminded that the body is starting to change again. Or at least the COM – center of mass is shifting. My favourite yoga teacher went on a three month leave today, she’s traveling to over-seas very cool destinations. I didn’t hear […]