Happy B-day Ilkka!

Did it ever happen to you when you went shopping for a present that you only found stuff for yourself? Terrible, I know.. But sometimes it can happen. Especially with picky persons for whom to choose and when money is not the answer (it usually isn’t..). Perhaps a nicely wrapped grrr-friend can be a present? […]

Wien 4-ever

What a wonderful Easter break we just had in lovely old Vienna meeting loads of friends. Not everyone was out of town.. Pix in Picasa: picasaweb.google.com

Maternity revisited

Today I take a break from writing my so-called “Edu-paper” [to write this blog entry], an article about tertiary education in OECD and esp. in Finland. The levels of university study places are increased year in, year out without taking into consideration the (demographic) transitions that lower birth rates and non-existent (higher-end) job markets pose. […]

Maternity package

This story is about the ‘small’ differences.  Ilkka and I recently finished an English-speakers’ Birth preparation course. It served as a good introduction into the Dutch midwifery, pregnancy and birthing system, as well as giving tips and practical examples. I won’t go into more (gory?) details here ;)  Today I would like to write about […]

Gestational Diabetes

Lab, nausea, back-ache, yoga. Not in that order though.. Last week’s biking incident still tickling in my knee, cannot fully support my weight on it nor sit on it while bent (this makes my favorite pose  in yoga impossible: the so-called child’s pose). I work to stretch the knee well in class and walk with […]