Natural = Good

26+ weeks and 13 or so to go. Mommy (2B) groups, prenatal classes, pram shopping -> nightmares. All this baby-fuss.. getting to me, it is!  In the mean time we learn about the Dutch ideology of childbirth and are educated in how other mothers evaluate pram pros and cons. “What colors did you choose [for […]

Busy busy!

What an intriguing day! First a meeting with the ‘grey panthers’ of the IWC with a most interesting guest speaker: Conductor of the Amsterdam Symphony Orchestra. Look up: > Dirigent PETER SÁNTA made quite an impression on everyone at the meeting. He has the most curious life tale to tell despite his young age. A true […]

Weekend ahead

How wonderful is that, after a normal work-week that started off promisingly in terms of a data bundle for India, plummeted a little in the middle, and today felt an uprising with exciting conference details for the fall. I also attended a seminar on the Warhol Economy by Elizabeth Currid and a PhD defence on Bangladeshi […]


Ante-natal this pre-natal that, zwagerschap, pregnancy, pre-birth. An ERA much like pre-marriage that the whole commercial industry tries to take advantage of. And a second-time mother should know better.. I revert to peer-discussions and building my local network of moms, mostly working mothers, colleagues and the like. They are an invaluable source of information, after […]


It’s true what Nads said in her last comment about the Dutch way. In the mornings one would save loads of time not having to do the hair.. Our attempts at finding a bike have resulted in 0 success so far. And to go to Marktplats to find one and then run around the city […]