Dress appropriately!

I don’t think I’ve ever been as cold as this winter in Amsterdam. Partly perhaps due to my keenness on having the inside temp at 20 deg C max and wearing bath shoes at home or woolly socks.. But still! Going outside and putting on my WINTER boots (really, with fur) and warmest coats has […]


Last week Ilkka and I visited Groningen for the first time. We had the perfect excuse: my colleague, our friend from IIASA defended his PhD thesis. The city itself was small and cosy-looking. It took us long to drive there, the Afluitdijk was long and quite impressive, although you couldn’t see water on both sides […]


When the world kicks you in the head, kick back? I took matters in my own hands. After the most wonderful wake-up call ever, administered by my lovely partner, I pulled myself together and sat in front of my computer. I sent out emails to collaborators and received info from people I contacted yesterday. Remote […]

The wonderful autonomy

Who said there was something great about being wonderfully academic, enjoying academic freedom and being one’s own boss to an extent? In working in teams but being secluded, being totally autonomous, independent and sovereign.. NOTHING! I miss having colleagues to take to lunch, chatter in the hallways, busy schedules and meetings, taking care of business, […]

Everybody hurts

Family life spread between two countries and many adults is not always easy. This was witnessed on my visit to Finland over the past 4 days. Where does one sleep when there is the home of the kiddo & ex, mom, in-laws and all about & over 10 km from my work place in Helsinki, […]