Teaching & Performance overview

The day of meetings. Morning started at 8 am with a skype session to Finland. Luckily I have a flexible boss, so this is indeed possible, thus saving me a 3-h flight to Finland and back. Not to mention the money and CO2 saved.. Performance talk went well. I was very honest about the bench […]

Religious work

Work as a religion? Religion as a way of life? Neither, thank you very many. However, I have been able to make good progress with my research of the Finnish Lutheran (State) Church minority, Laestadian Lutherans. My objective is to map the congregations of different minorities and the state church, and to estimate some effects […]

Weekend ahead

How wonderful is that, after a normal work-week that started off promisingly in terms of a data bundle for India, plummeted a little in the middle, and today felt an uprising with exciting conference details for the fall. I also attended a seminar on the Warhol Economy by Elizabeth Currid and a PhD defence on Bangladeshi […]

India, here I come! Nordic workshops, here I come!

Super. Super super super! This is the kind of Monday everyone should have. Every week! With the bad news about incompatibility of Video Conferencing facilities in the morning, I was a little gloomy. However, I had a phone call from a colleague inviting me to lunch with another partner in the India-project that we are […]


When the world kicks you in the head, kick back? I took matters in my own hands. After the most wonderful wake-up call ever, administered by my lovely partner, I pulled myself together and sat in front of my computer. I sent out emails to collaborators and received info from people I contacted yesterday. Remote […]