Busy months of Sep & Oct

Thank G the sun is shining on one day in between all the rain.. Enough of the rain already! However, no such luck, this is the Netherlands after all. So busy the rest of the year got to be that I am already starting to feel bad for the family’s sake.. Tons of travel and […]

Rain and doctor

We are safely back in Amsterdam after the 1 week trip to Portugal by the three of us, and the 14 day trip to Finland and staying by the 4 of us at in-laws (total 6 people). No matter how close the relatives are, 14 days 24/7 with the kids and one week before that […]

What is she like?

  A new baby girl is in the family. Lulu is 8 weeks old today, and growing fast. After the wonder of the home birth, friends have been asking me, what is she like then? Has her personality started to unravel already? I will try to write with these enquiries in mind. From the very […]

The 4-day weekend

Hey, why aren’t all work weeks only 3 days long? Pehaps since then we are pressured to do more at home.. My plan on discovering Ilkka’s (obligatory) 2 extra days leave was that we should spend the time together somewhere, maybe drive out of town and see new places, overnight at some nice B&B etc. […]


Sometimes surprises work. Ilkka did not see it coming.. Friends, Turkish köfte, cake & presents awaited him at home on Fri after work.