Recognize it when it hits you

How come we have such strong self-preservation mechanisms? Instinctively, they are there to ensure our survival. Ever been hurt? Physically or emotionally, the same forces go to work. We may have learnt the mechanisms already when young: run to mamá. More detrimental ways are learnt later on: Escape to liquor, or any other addictive substance. […]

Girl power

-I’m beginning to understand what “wrapped around your little finger” means, said Ilkka yesterday as he was waving at little miss sunshine, who was going to bed waving back and looking as cute as ever. -Well, just LOOK at her!! said Ilkka again. I laughed out loud. Our Mother’s Day 2010 highlight had been: Eating […]

Working daddy, working mommy

Just as I was writing the entry below, our telephone rang both at home and at Ilkka’s workplace. We were offered daycare spots! In the end we decided to stick to where Lulu is now, and added one extra day, total 5 days per week from the beginning of March. We still prefer to move […]

Little angel in daycare

Today is Lulu’s third day at daycare. She started one day later than was meant, due to having sudden symptoms of cold. Thus she got 1 days grace to stay at home with Daddy, carrier of equal symptoms. After a day’s rest they felt much better. On her first day she got on-site around ten, […]

Life after Thesis

Returned we are to the NL. Home sweet home and so on. Being away a week felt like a month, once again. Cannot begin to explain how I fret the next trip, only 2 weeks away and then gone for 12 days in a row. Perhaps the travel to Lapland will make it more enjoyable […]