Baby wrist and varying nights

Dear reader, This feels like writing a diary entry.. at home, with baby, stay-at-home mommy is lifting a weight off her shoulders by writing. Oh well, whatever the reason to write, here goes! My body is falling apart! After recovering from the 9 months of gradual weight gain and subsequent birth, I am now starting […]

The 4-day weekend

Hey, why aren’t all work weeks only 3 days long? Pehaps since then we are pressured to do more at home.. My plan on discovering Ilkka’s (obligatory) 2 extra days leave was that we should spend the time together somewhere, maybe drive out of town and see new places, overnight at some nice B&B etc. […]

Life after flying

Now it is then time. Time for Mummy leave! I feel like there are loads of things to do, work and language courses not being the last on the list.. But they are important for getting back to business after the baby, and for integrating into the society. After only one week on the intensive […]

Happy B-day Ilkka!

Did it ever happen to you when you went shopping for a present that you only found stuff for yourself? Terrible, I know.. But sometimes it can happen. Especially with picky persons for whom to choose and when money is not the answer (it usually isn’t..). Perhaps a nicely wrapped grrr-friend can be a present? […]

Wien 4-ever

What a wonderful Easter break we just had in lovely old Vienna meeting loads of friends. Not everyone was out of town.. Pix in Picasa: