Romney could use a “Bain” lesson

Got to love this post titled “Why Romney was surprised to lose”. After a quick stroll through the different campaign tactics between Romney and Obama, the article specifies a kind of “consulting firm” approach that Obama’s camp had going for them, and Romney’s didn’t. That on top of the fact that the Romney camp set […]

High street’s day of the dead – Welcomed!

Sunday’s article in the Guardian Business sector is an interesting account of the current economic climate, retail market and customer preference. After our household just recently bought into the “tablet hype” we too have been quite keen to follow the market trends in electronics and the competition out there. I wouldn’t like to be an […]

Academic Writing Month

“The time has come the time has come the time has come today” Not convinced? Well, I fear my time has come. To write. After slow progress on several papers, I must pick myself up amidst all the hassle and end-of-contract chaos and simply push. As my mentor says: You must be selective about what […]

When we can’t afford to burn the reserves.. economics of carbon emissions:

“if listed and state-owned companies were to release reserves for burning at equal rates, there would be 80 per cent more fossil fuels listed on stock exchanges than society can afford to burn” Read more on Carbon bubble is a real risk for markets – (requires subscription or registration for 8 free articles / […]

Tremors from translating science into advice

A recently tried court case in Italy caused an uproar in the science community after jailing six scientists and one politician who failed to warn the public about an improbable seismic event in 2009. Accountability in such cases is surely difficult to determine, especially when people were acting according to their best understanding of the […]