Thank G for the sun shining today! Our life has become a complete hassle frontier. Flat searching in London, car selling in Amsterdam, lease resigning, other travels, work, deadlines, colds, backpains and then the rest of the normal stuff. Every now and then I try to reflect on our “modern nomadic lifestyle”, and come to […]


First bottle of champagne opened for a looong time. And all for our friends Melly and Richard who are moving to Australia later this year. Congratulations!! Still, they will be dearly missed.. One of those people we wish to have met a long time ago, but did so only in the beginning of last summer. […]

One small step..

.. and a giant leap in a little girl’s development: Lulu has taken her first steps. It all happened in Ilkka’s auntie Riitta’s bathroom in London, on the sunny morning of Sat, August 7, as Lulu was 14 months old. Same age as her big brother when he started walking. Little missy has had a […]

Ready for holidays!

Meetings, planning and paper-writing will soon be set aside, as me and the family head toward Portugal this upcoming Saturday. Just having purchased an online Lonelyplanet book chapter it is hard to take my eyes off the street maps of Lisbon, directions to Sintra and the wonderful descriptions of both. My daydreaming of a week’s […]

Walking on egg shells

Funny thing that health. Nice to have, even to work for in the form of exercise and eating healthily, however we still take it for granted and act all surprised when it deteriorates. I recently had a pause in my life brought about by severe back pains. They occurred initially over a week’s time, manifesting […]