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[E]voking a good mood that has been honed by food companies such as Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in the US or Innocent drinks, the UK juice company:

Typically, Michel et Augustin packaging has light-hearted details of how the product was made or how the company works. “If you are looking for two French crazy nuts, here we are!” says a label on some biscuits. “Michel has two houseplants, a bike and not much hair on his head. Augustin has an odd van with five baby seats and a tuft in his fringe,” reads another. The brand taps into the bo-bo, or bourgeois-bohème, market of affluent, digitally savvy consumers who are often engaged by quirky, off-the-wall brands. From the outset, Mr de Rovira and Mr Paluel-Marmont presented themselves as two inexperienced guys trying to offer an alternative to brands such as United Biscuits or Danone.

Such an uplifting article by FT! After this one, eveyone should go home to think about what they can do (NB not necessarily best of all) & what they’d like to share, and go ahead and do it! Apparently there is a new class of people (consumers) out there too, an important market to tap into, namely the bo-bo, or bourgeois-bohème. I also appreciate the honest tone of the piece, recognizing the ‘dip’ the featured new business experienced in 2009. But with a sense of humour they’ve gotten through a lot, i can imagine. Viva el humor!

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