“Circle of university life in the age of neoliberalism carries on”

Painful to read – new insight into the open access debate & policy:

The cost of academic publishing has been thrown back on to universities which will in turn inevitably be forced to make economic and strategic decisions about which academic papers they should fund. Expensive and elaborate peer-review mechanisms will have to be established to manage the process. And the costs of all this will not be recouped from university library budgets: on the contrary, libraries will still have to pay for journals from the rest of the world unless other countries implement a gold mandate, and this looks unlikely.

Skewed in favour of multinational publishers and private research laboratories, unilateral gold open access is the knowledge economy equivalent of saying: “We will build a high-speed rail network across the country but only use the existing horse and cart owners to provide services”

writes Martin McQuillan

via Open-access policy scrapes the barrel | News | Times Higher Education.

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