Colleagues, colleagues!

After the three work-days at SYKE I meant to write about the importance of colleagues as well as management. Now I can happily add my UvA colleagues to the list, of which many new faces I just met today for the first time.

Working in two places will surely become tiresome in some way in the long run. Right now, however, I am too enthused to really think about that.. My main ideas and thoughts concentrate on what a lively crowd of researchers and scientists I have around me and how to make the best of it in the coming three years.

In Finland I have professional management of not only my funds but also the content of my work. There in the recent development & follow-up discussion with my boss I really got the feeling that there is more support available than what I’ve ever had before. I am lucky. Here at UvA my boss is a professor. She is a busy lady with a lot of teaching obligations and less time for management.

Being part of both institutes gives me the possibility of striking the balance between efficiency and academic though processes. I will be happy to do my best, to plan my activities but also to go with the flow and aid my fellow researchers in projects where they can use my expertise. At the same time I learn from them, learn about new fields, disciplines, even new languages of science and will surely benefit a lot. This is a great experiment, a great opportunity and, most important of all: My life!

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