Dress appropriately!

I don’t think I’ve ever been as cold as this winter in Amsterdam. Partly perhaps due to my keenness on having the inside temp at 20 deg C max and wearing bath shoes at home or woolly socks.. But still! Going outside and putting on my WINTER boots (really, with fur) and warmest coats has scarcely made any difference.

The weather is like this:

It is do damp, beware if you decide to wear your high heels one day.. It will most definitely rain. And the cold.. it gets to your bones when it’s that humid! 

I was just thinking on my way to work today, that lucky I have now really huge collars & hoods in almost all my coats. Otherwise I would be totally screwed.. The only thing I don’t understand, is, where does everyone get the idea that being a Finn means you TOO want to bike in the biting cold & rain, wear wet shoes and pants all day at the not-so-warm offices and never wear head protection? Now that includes most any caps and hats as well – mind you ALSO the children do not wear these! Well, I am not one of those Finns. I almost miss my drives to IIASA in my teeny-tiny shoes, sitting in traffic but feeling warm & cosy :)

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