Bugaboos CHECK!

Satay CHECK!

We are on our way to Dutch wonderland. Finally owning a bike, I try to come to the office 1-2 days a week cycling, and return on another day. With the changing weather and me not being in top condition, I find this an ok mitigation – biking one way half an hour and taking the tram the other way.

Pram is bought! With Katrin to help me roam the shops and discuss the disadvantages on a newborn’s spine of using solely a so-called “travel-system” (where the baby spends all wheel-time in a car seat), I opted for the NL-brand city-style: Denim & Orange :) They look sooo cool.. Ilkka and I had a 10-min practice session yesterday, and he totally agrees. Easy to maneuver & take apart, not to mention 100% safe sleeping cot for the first 6 months, after that an agile stroller.

Satay-feeding took place in a cafe after Katrin and I visited the FOAM. Every good Dutch makes their i’national guests have a taste of this old Indonesian peanut delicacy.

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