Everybody hurts

Family life spread between two countries and many adults is not always easy. This was witnessed on my visit to Finland over the past 4 days.

Where does one sleep when there is the home of the kiddo & ex, mom, in-laws and all about & over 10 km from my work place in Helsinki, not to mention very far from one another.. And the kiddo has to get to daycare in the morning, I have to be in meetings by 9 am and make it back to daycare by 5 pm. WHOOA!

All is well that ends [well?]. Everybody hurt a little, but everybody also tried to do their best, tried to understand my complicated situation balancing btw the people & the places and trying to maximize time with kiddo as well as time for work.

In the end I say: Everybody is a sport! I thank the whole family, old & new for their understanding and patience with me. I will forever try to learn the “best practices” in this situation, but most important of all: I love you and am grateful for all the support. I cherished the time with kiddo, who was the best sport of all, as mommy returned again to live far away in Amsterdam-land.

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