From little rocks to sooo sunny!

Life is a roller-coaster ride these days. From one week to the next, my mood can change completely, it seems. Sometimes from one day to the next.. yes, that’s probably more accurate.

I long time ago I used to say, since everything went well the first time, why risk a second? What are the odds of having another [child] this easy? That was referring to my first born, Amos. The odds were low. My second little one is a ball of fire. She has such a temper I cannot believe it. Never seen anything quite like it. Except on that one Durex commercial where a kid throws themselves on the floor in a supermarket in front of the candy shelf while the parent looks on in agony  and the line reads: why not use Durex? That parent is me from time to time.. I’ve got the kid that all our neighbors fret having [even as their neighbor..]! Namely, this week started with two mega-tantrums on consecutive days  in our apartment building hallway when little missy decided not to want to go home just yet (the weather was rubbish, however I had prepared her for going home, let her walk part of the way / did shopping together etc. AND it was close to 6:30 pm and i was exhausted). Took me quite some time both days to get her and the groceries up to the third floor. Not to mention a lot of noise (on her part).

But today, today the sun is shining! I have three senior scientists / former directors of different departments to meet next week, a two-day conference with a REALLY good looking poster to promote my & colleagues’ work AND an invitation to the post-conference meet&greet. Even with all the seniors I have to meet, there are clear indicators for significant interest and/or overlap of research ideas, which I am hoping to explore and get some green light to apply for further funding based on the proposed projects. Never felt this connected before in my life! Perhpas being a researcher doesn’t mean getting buried in chambers after all..

Oh, and to make matters more interesting, I have two papers to finalize, an editorial commitment AND an invite to give a talk early next month. I’m thinking, if I live to see mid-June, I’m lucky [as well as well on my way to new challenges]!

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