Gestational Diabetes

Lab, nausea, back-ache, yoga. Not in that order though..

Last week’s biking incident still tickling in my knee, cannot fully support my weight on it nor sit on it while bent (this makes my favorite pose  in yoga impossible: the so-called child’s pose). I work to stretch the knee well in class and walk with as straight a leg as possible, however now and then get a back-slash as the knee warns that it is not totally ok yet.

Last week’s Granny & Amos visit went great (more about that later with pix). She brought me a support-belt for the back-tummy area, which will come in handy on next week’s (this Sat – following week’s Sun) NYC trip where loads of walking can be expected. My back-aches are in control but a nuisance anyhow.. And I know, there’s nothing I can do about it. Just mentioned the topic to my yoga instructor who agreed with me, that it is a pregnancy-related symptom, and I may continue exercise as long as my (rest of?) body allows it. Still hate coming out of that relaxation – lying straight on one’s back – turning to the side and getting up as my right lower back makes me flinch with pain. Oh well.. Better get used to it. 3 more months to go.

And then to the Gest. Diabetes – topic. Got me checked out! Will hear results (if there’s anything to hear) next week, or the one after (since not around here next week Yeeeiiiiii). Heard from a reliable source (dear Frau Dr. of Genetics, friend of mine) that there need not be indications (swelling, running in the family, obesity) to develop this condition. And she got it so well under control since it was diagnosed early enough that I simply wanted to rule that out. Feeling huge as it is.. No need to develop an over-sized baby on top of my anxieties with the Dutch natural birth-giving!

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