Girl power

-I’m beginning to understand what “wrapped around your little finger” means, said Ilkka yesterday as he was waving at little miss sunshine, who was going to bed waving back and looking as cute as ever. -Well, just LOOK at her!! said Ilkka again. I laughed out loud.

Our Mother’s Day 2010 highlight had been: Eating burgers at McD, Diemen :D

We’d decided to go shopping for a lightweight “airport” stroller for the summer’s trips, and there was only one kiddie-baby shop open on Sunday. So we took the car and drove to the Arena. Sad thing was, there was no where to grab a bite, except for an overpriced kebab shop targeting football fans. A fact you could almost smell in the air: the ground was full of litter from the night before. So we got the stroller, jumped back into our car, and decided to grab a bite somewhere on the way home.

After the snack we continued our road trip to the outskirts of Amsterdam, namely Ijburg [i-burg], a new development with innovative architecture and lots of families with children. The area has little services, only one grocery store and besides that, mainly childcare services have set up post in the neighborhood. Many apartments have unrestricted views to the bay, and one of the islands is covered by 3-story houses built one next to the other, all having different design and wall materials. Some houses/apartments have stairs leading straight to the waterfront, and can park their boat right next to them.

By the time we got home it was already surprisingly late, and we decided not to start cooking the extensive dinner we had planned. Thus that was the story of a Mother’s Day on the road, with burgers, frozen pizza and a kiddo who wrapped her daddy around her little finger with a smile and a wave.

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