Good enough is plenty!

Both in sushi and in cycling – and in almost every other area – we celebrate freakish success.

Lucy Kellaway writes again a winner column in the FT. This is all about being good enough in terms of achievement, working hard for it, and remaining sane at the same time.

We hand out gold medals and Michelin stars, but blind ourselves to the madness that goes with such striving. A hunger for perfection in most things is grotesque, distorted and unbalanced.

Her ending is so befitting, I just have to quote it all here:

In most things, being good enough requires quite a lot of effort. More recently, CEOs of Barclays haven’t been nearly good enough. Nor have most other bankers, or most other workers, or most products, or, come to that, most newspaper columnists. And most universities are nowhere near good enough either – they are increasingly places where students emerge with a lot of debt, having suffered more wear and tear on their livers than on their brains.

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