Thank G for the sun shining today!
Our life has become a complete hassle frontier. Flat searching in London, car selling in Amsterdam, lease resigning, other travels, work, deadlines, colds, backpains and then the rest of the normal stuff. Every now and then I try to reflect on our “modern nomadic lifestyle”, and come to realize how much I love it. Even in the midst of all the hassle, i think the most important thing is to share with your partner the small successes, not to dwell too much on the set-backs, and encourage, encourage, encourage. And don’t forget to let the other person know how much you appreciate everything they’re doing for the sake of common good. This is our recipe, and it seems to be paying off! The down days will come and go, many close to me have already seen me suffer from them, but an increasing amount of good ones are to come. Only we can learn to enjoy the process, however stressful and tiring at times!

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