India, here I come! Nordic workshops, here I come!

Super. Super super super! This is the kind of Monday everyone should have. Every week!

With the bad news about incompatibility of Video Conferencing facilities in the morning, I was a little gloomy. However, I had a phone call from a colleague inviting me to lunch with another partner in the India-project that we are working on, AND I got a hold of my Norwegian colleague in IIASA who promised to call me back.

The lunch went well. I found out more about the project and what people were doing in the field. They are also organizing a local workshop in March in Mysore, in effect to gather information and data from the local authorities. It was very interesting.. And our collaborator from Enschede immediately saw the connections and possibilities of my work with theirs, and that felt nice :) We even started thinking about the possibility of my joining them on one of the bi-annual trips to India. I was very excited.. Pictures of traveling baby w/ partner came to my mind, mommy working & caring for the family during times off.

And the nordic collaboration then? I will start writing a proposal for extensive project funding to organize 3 workshops in 3 different Nordic countries with two demographer-colleagues from other Nordic countries. Well, still have to get the second one on board.. Need to put my positive persuading hat on ;) But that would be sooo good for a) getting to know more people in & around the field, b) career, c) career, d) career, e) maintain connections to good friends & colleagues from the past, f) any funding acquired independently is a huge plus on CV for future reference, thus g) career.

Me likey..

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