Life after flying

Now it is then time. Time for Mummy leave!

I feel like there are loads of things to do, work and language courses not being the last on the list.. But they are important for getting back to business after the baby, and for integrating into the society.

After only one week on the intensive course, I already feel that I’ve gained a lot. It was just the boost I needed to start talking and teaching myself more Dutch. Now even talk on the radio and news seem sooo much easier.. and just after one week?!? Amazing :)

Ilkka is also integrating well. He did the Dutchiest thing yesterday: In the middle of the night (at 11 pm) he took the bike, rode to Leidseplein to see a concert, and rode back, well after the trams had stopped running. And all this just to avoid taking the cab! He even had zero beers.. which makes the biking all legal, only the head-light was apparently somehow not functioning :( which is a misdemeanor by itself. But hey, can’t be perfect (and still rather Dutch)!

Piles of baby clothes (most still unwashed, grr..) remind me of the fact that time is running out. The due date is exactly one month away today. That means, the baby can be born anytime in two weeks to six weeks from now. Still, as Ilkka says, six weeks feels far away, unlike e.g. three… and you never do know! First babies are often born late (I guess there is statistics to prove this..), as was Amos (7 days late), but with the following, I think the spread is more even around the due date. Exciting, that!

Latest trip to Finland, in short was a success: I enjoyed work to the max (not time-wise!), Amos was with us the whole time, we saw lots of family and friends and had lovely spring weather. Next time will be quite a while from now.. Below are some pix to convey the good feeling.

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