Life after Thesis

Returned we are to the NL. Home sweet home and so on. Being away a week felt like a month, once again. Cannot begin to explain how I fret the next trip, only 2 weeks away and then gone for 12 days in a row. Perhaps the travel to Lapland will make it more enjoyable than juggling with babies, kids, work, partner’s work and official dinners, meeting family and trying to stay healthy.

Ilkka’s defence went marvelously, as could be expected (and everyone did!). I myself did sadly not see too much of it, as had to concentrate on one kid’s mouth keeping shut and another one’s eyes.. neither of which worked perfectly. Nevertheless, I made it in there, looked fabulous (as did the kids) and felt great and proud for my loved one. Pictures.

In the evening my lovely mother & grandma made the effort to come babysit the kids even though the formal dinner ran late and they were exhausted as it was. I was grateful! Thus the kidzz were able to go to sleep at their normal bed time, into their own beds and wake up in them, with very tired parents sleeping next door (we came back at 3:30 am). Big one watched kiddie programs for a while, while baby was in her (other) grandmother’s arms for a bit in order for us to recover. And I must say, it wasn’t the alcohol, just the built-up of sleep deprivation and stress from the general hassle.

Thus home felt better than ever as we dragged our very heavy suitcases full of Ilkka’s defence presents from the tram stop one block away and up the steep flight of stairs just to spend the evening unpacking, doing laundry, talking to kid No 1 back in Fin and putting kid No 2 to bed early.

And then the cold came. I’m not just talking about the weather here.. Ilkka and Lulu caught a sneeze. So much for the first day at work or day care for that matter. Easy for me though, I could leave and return when I pleased, after making them both warm drinks and wishing them well.

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