Little angel in daycare

Today is Lulu’s third day at daycare. She started one day later than was meant, due to having sudden symptoms of cold. Thus she got 1 days grace to stay at home with Daddy, carrier of equal symptoms. After a day’s rest they felt much better.

On her first day she got on-site around ten, and was picked up at three. Little girl did a 5-hour day on her first one! She had her milk and took naps, and was cradled by the nannies. On her second day Daddy left early for work, and I got her ready and went along for the intake-gesprek or intake meeting. Ilkka met us there. We filled in some forms of consent (to the use of creams and homeopathy) and gave them our emergency numbers. Just the list of emergency-people remained empty.. who do you write there when you don’t have family in the country? Need to ask a friend I guess. Other details to give the nannies: geen snoep! (no candy!) As it is Sinterklaas time here in Holland, all kids are pumped full of sweets and small gifts await behind every corner. I wanted to make sure they note the point that I stick to this principle firmly, even as she grows. Used Amos as an example that it is doable, even at daycare with kids’ birthdays etc.  The little one’s don’t really get it that they’re missing out on sth, as long as they don’t try it! That day Lulu stayed until 5 & sth pm. A full day.

Lulu is a brave little champ. She is so young that watching us go does not make her cry her eyes out or yell like a siren. She sits in the nanny’s arms and looks dull. I guess she understands that it is a strange person she is left with and is somewhat disappointed, but doesn’t really know why. I am already looking forward to spending the Mondays with her, safely at home! Well.. except for maybe just a quick spin at a mommy-baby dance class and maybe some secret shopping, and… :) Where else does one steal the time for Xmas preparations??

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