Maternity revisited

Today I take a break from writing my so-called “Edu-paper” [to write this blog entry], an article about tertiary education in OECD and esp. in Finland. The levels of university study places are increased year in, year out without taking into consideration the (demographic) transitions that lower birth rates and non-existent (higher-end) job markets pose. [I call for moderate leveling off or decreasing of university enrollment. Based on facts & projections.]

Yesterday and today I saw the midwives again. They showed me results of blood work, where sugar levels were admittedly low, iron high, bump growing normally, and we even felt her bony ass through the tummy this time! At the end she remembered I should be given antidotes due to the Rh factor (-ve), and more blood work ensued. It felt almost like at the doctor’s this Mon: sometimes they DO need to “intervene”, even here. Reassures me that everything is taken care of, and WILL be taken care of when circumstances thus require.

I got a nice letter on my door steps this morning.. It was from the Finnish social & healthcare officials, stating that the Maternity package will be received! Now that they made the decision so fast, we will be able to collect it in Finland on our trip there at the end of the month. Now I really felt like the kid in the candy store.. Even bragged about it to the Dutch midwives, who were indeed impressed and wanted to see the contents of this miracle-packet live. Which they will.. at least the ones to visit us during & after birth.

So feeling good this end of the week, tomorrow being a day off with forecasts in the 20s and sunshine.. Today therefore working a little later than usual, trying to get somewhere with this article.. and shall too!

In’restin article with a view-point into the Dutch home-birth: Enjoy!

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