Mondays at home

A month ago I went back to work, but for Lulu we only had 4 days per week daycare. Thus I decided to continue my parental leave one day a week, which in practice is not possible in Finland, and therefore I am on 80% work contract officially. I still get reimbursed by the state for the maternity leave I didn’t fully utilize, but this I would get even if I did 100%. All the different national parental leave & daycare practices are becoming familiar to us, working now the system in the third European country. Comparing them only makes you angry, so let’s not. In effect, we’re the worst off at the moment.

Lulu remains on the waiting lists of some half a dozen Daycare facilities, and on a waiting list for Mondays at her current daycare. I have two more months to go with the current agreement with my employer, and at least a month before the end I should let them know of any changes to a 100% contract, which will otherwise automatically take effect. But there is no word from daycare yet that the fifth day will materialize. I also constantly hear from my colleagues that places are scant and practically no mothers of young children are able to work full time. This is partly due to the common practice of working part-time here in the Netherlands. A lot of parents of young children choose it. In fact, children at daycare 5 days a week seem to be a rare event!

And now one has just awoken.. so gotta run.

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