Natural = Good

26+ weeks and 13 or so to go.

Mommy (2B) groups, prenatal classes, pram shopping -> nightmares. All this baby-fuss.. getting to me, it is!  In the mean time we learn about the Dutch ideology of childbirth and are educated in how other mothers evaluate pram pros and cons. “What colors did you choose [for your Bugaboo]??” 

Prenatal class: 2 down 2 lessons to go (we miss one being in NYC). I already ‘know’, also from my midwife’s comments that perhaps my first labour wasn’t as smooth as I remember. Too much intervention they say..

And what is intervention? That starts pretty much with choosing to deliver in a hospital. “You are not a patient nor a victim. Do not act like one!” List of interventions is long and windy. And natural does not merely refer to a vaginal birth w/out instruments, but to a non-medicated, solely midwife-attended birth where you preferably stay at home the whole time. If you are very adamant about choosing to go to a hospital, there is still the option of the Bevalcentrum West, a Kättäri (reference to birthing hospital in Hki)-style relaxed environment inside a big hospital complex but only in the non-medicated, non-doctor attending cases. Want painkillers? Bye-bye to midwife, bring on the cavalry.

I hear the second labour is faster. How much faster? I am starting to doubt my threshold for pain endurance and afraid that I will become one of these ‘hospital cases’ seemingly reserved for stupid foreigners who cannot take it the NATURAL way.

I look at my old chart of how things progressed the last time, and well.. apparently I didn’t do a very good job. I didn’t stay at home long enough, I didn’t endure. In Dutch terms I “reserved the delivery room way too long!” And I thought it was a good thing to be active and in good physical strength albeit perhaps a little ‘tighter’ as a consequence. Or perhaps one has absolutely nothing to do with the other, physical well-being is nevertheless a good goal, and your body works in mysterious ways, slower for some and faster for others. Perhaps I’ll do ‘better’ this time. And just maybe the goal is to get a healthy child, fast-recovering mother and forget the rest..

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