New affiliation

First days at work are slow and overwhelming at the same time.. contradiction? 

I just sent out an email to colleagues and most probable collaborators.. OUCH! of course I forgot someone. Well, will send that one out later. It feels like being a part of the process of clearing one’s desk. Albeit.. perhaps it should be that of building the new environment? Probably a part of both. 

To return from ‘vacation’ but not have anything to tackle immediately, nothing half-way done, gives a sense of being slightly lost. Starting everything anew means kicking oneself in the b-hind big time. Will I manage?

First days are full of seeing new people on the corridor, being introduced to some, having brand new lunch conversations, explaining one’s life & work over and over again in just 2 minutes. And then one sits back behind the desk that seems to be covered with paper, but nothing is really easy to start with. Sometimes I wish I were a tailor, cab driver or administrator..

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