Newborn life

Life with a newborn. How fast one forgets! Lulu is now 1 week old, 3 weeks under 4 years younger than her big brother Amos. I’m at home again with a newborn and wondering how I could forget so many nice and touching things in the past (almost) 4 years time.

Newborns need a lot of attention, but like a book about Fathers and Babies said: Parents are often surprised at how boring their sleepy little ones can be! Lulu is perhaps slightly feisty at times, of course she is, she’s a hungry caterpillar, but also soothed easily by warm water, daddy’s chest and of course, the breast.

It took me by surprise how fast one gets attached to these wee ones. They become personalities inside just a few days, you learn their cry-patterns, wants and needs, they open their eyes and stare at you without smiling, and you’re mesmerized. The little girl wraps both mommy and daddy around her little finger so fast, it’s frightening!

At the same time we, parents in their 30s, are not scared. We’re not scared about going out with the baby, about poo-accidents on our bed, about prolonged diaper changes and subsequent crying-fits, about what other people think. We don’t care about appearance so much any more, we don’t try to be perfect. We just want to be the best for her, and take care of her to our very best abilities. She is our little crown jewel and will continue to need our full attention for many years to come.

Our last midwife visit just ended, and they too were wondering about how the big brother reacted to seeing the baby on skype. I told them he wanted to see my belly, and was wondering how the baby opened the door.. I’m not sure how to explain it all. I’ll do my best when he gets here :) Seeing the little (boring) sister for the first time will surely be a slight shock, but together we will look at the baby, hold the baby and take baths together, learn to take care of her and learn about babies’ wants and needs. Normal family life will entail two very special kids with very different needs, due to their age difference. But as I’ve experienced, siblings are still quite the thing to have and to learn from. Amos will always be my little boy, my first-born special one to which I compare many things.. only to remember, that we are all so very different and wonderfully unique!

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  1. Nads says:

    oooh, her hairdo is oh! so! cute! Job well done! I can’t fight a very special calmness washing all over me when looking at your pics! You three belong together! Hugs from Nads!

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