No such luck

Bummer, I thought this Monday when opening my institute webmail from my laptop. That must be an email from the conference organizers..

I had applied to a political science-conference in Potsdam in September this year and (only) now received the rejection email. This is based on a short abstract only, so no worries, doesn’t mean the authors (myself & a colleague from IIASA) or topic are all-bad, as it is quite difficult to pass judgement based on an abstract only. This time contacts just did not work in our favor, i.e. we had none.. or not in suitable places, anyway.

After the fact I decided it is probably silly to pursue to travel there just to be at the conference, as there are sooo many interesting conferences around, and one really should start presenting more and sitting back less at this time in one’s career. So perhaps save energy for something else, esp. since the ordeal would have included dragging Ilkka and the baby there as well, not that he would have minded [says he].. Berlin after all. There will be other occasions!

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