One small step..

.. and a giant leap in a little girl’s development: Lulu has taken her first steps. It all happened in Ilkka’s auntie Riitta’s bathroom in London, on the sunny morning of Sat, August 7, as Lulu was 14 months old. Same age as her big brother when he started walking.

Little missy has had a tough time adjusting back to daycare rhythm after all the past vacationing and fun-filled travels. Hopefully the new skill will come in handy in defending her rights against the bigger, or more steady walkers at daycare. Melanie, Lulu’s caretaker during the day told us that the other kids were all so very happy and proud of Lulu when they saw her taking some steps at Tele-kits yesterday. Go chickling!

I guess this all means we should quit calling her a baby, since now she’s a toddler, and an actual little girl!

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