Only the best for my kid!

Indeed. There is lots of shopping to do before my term is up. There are 2 pieces of preggers-clothing I miss from Amos’ expecting days: a breast-feeding tunic and a maternity dress from the French brand Formes. Of baby attire/equipment I have in store (mainly thanks to my nest-providing mother) cloth diapers, sheets, blankets and  a couple of Amos’ more recent clothes, namely OSH-KOSH.

What is still needed? Yeh.. list is not short. I will write it down now (beware dear reader), in order to get it from floating around MY HEAD all day(s).

* list starts * breast pump, bottles, nipples, bigger bra, bra protectors, bucket for (used) diapers, vinegar for diaper washing, BED, PRAM, car seat, car seat nro.2 (Amos’ size), 50 – 62 cm clothes (nothing pink), changing table air mattress, baby monitor *list ends*

The bed we already decided on – YEIIII – one thing less to quarrel about. Diapers, as mentioned, I get plenty from old storages (Amos’ old as well as Amos’ cousin’s old stuff) but the pram. OMG the pram. Does not make me happy to think about the pram.. Let’s see here. In Finland you can get almost any brand kiddie strollers and prams. Shops are big and stock is plenty. Only Bugaboos may be hard to find (after Amos was born I decided I wanted those but it was too late). In different cities I’ve noticed a huge difference in what people wheel their kids about in. Follows observations from all-over.

New York City: Wheel your kid about in only these (car seat fits onto pram)







Sweden / Scandinavia: Everybody buys







Germany: The most expensive is the best







Netherlands: The local brand is the most expansive and must be the best







International: Go Cheap







 Finland is mixed. As I mentioned, weather is chilly, people are not overly wealthy, don’t have quite as few babies as in the South, but nevertheless relatively late. There is loads of space on the walk-ways and buses, trains & trams are mostly low-floor versions, which enables easy coming and going. AND you don’t pay a fare when traveling w/ a pram or a stroller w/ kid under 6 years old. [Yes, this means some mommies take their 5-year olds to shop in prams only to get off paying for a ticket.. I do find this disgusting. E.g. mommies w/ baby carriers are not exempt from the payment, as they are able to walk in the front door w/out leaving the child unattended.] But I am not in Finland. 

I have a flight of steeep stairs to carry the baby, shopping & pram up. I also have a balcony where I would like for the baby to sleep, however in big prams that are normally used for this, I could not fit in public transport, probably not the narrow side-walks either.. much less get them up & down the stairs each day. Wonderful! See, see, I’m getting my head spinning already thinking about this.. And I have to stress about these things, otherwise what would I stress about?? 

Perhaps this is enough for now. I’ll think about it (or rather not!) and get back to you later.. Preferably muuuuch later ;)

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