EU science chief: msg to academics and policymakers

CaSE  held its annual lecture last night with a most prominent speaker: the EU Chief Scientific Adviser to President J.M. Barroso. In addition to an invigorating talk about European scientific excellence and her role in promoting it, Prof Anne Glover had clear messages to the scientific and policymaking communities. Science in part of our CULTURE. […]



Marriage and longevity

Interesting work was recently published (earlier as electronic version) on the effects of marital history on, especially, men’s (50< age < 75) mortality: Marital history 1971-91 and mortality 1991-2004 in England, Wales and Finland In a nutshell, married men with no divorce history live longer. Authors include top  notch Finnish scientists as well as renowned […]

Energy and waste discussion. Once again.

Interesting article in the Guardian today on waste management and use of biowaste for energy. Ban food waste from landfill for renewable energy, urges thinktank. And the original article: How to get the anaerobic digestion sector moving. It would be most interesting to actually study the waste-energy infrastructure of several cities in a comparative fashion, […]

Careers of doctorate holders

“Holders of doctorate degrees or other research qualifications are crucial to the creation, commercialization and dissemination of knowledge and to innovation. Until now, however, there has been little information about their careers and labour market mobility.” Careers of dctorate holders – Statistics Explained Some interesting picks: “The share of inactive doctorate holders varies between the […]