EU science chief: msg to academics and policymakers

CaSE  held its annual lecture last night with a most prominent speaker: the EU Chief Scientific Adviser to President J.M. Barroso. In addition to an invigorating talk about European scientific excellence and her role in promoting it, Prof Anne Glover had clear messages to the scientific and policymaking communities. Science in part of our CULTURE. […]



Strolling chickling

We finally did it. Got Lulu sth absolutely pink and hideous. Plasticky too.. a Baby Born Doll Stroller. It’s awful, and PINK, even the wheels are pink.. and Lulu A_D_O_R_E_S  it. Absolutely. Now she strolls around the house pushing the silly pink miniature push-chair and fills it with blocks, plush animals, laundy items, dolls,  you […]


First bottle of champagne opened for a looong time. And all for our friends Melly and Richard who are moving to Australia later this year. Congratulations!! Still, they will be dearly missed.. One of those people we wish to have met a long time ago, but did so only in the beginning of last summer. […]

Busy months of Sep & Oct

Thank G the sun is shining on one day in between all the rain.. Enough of the rain already! However, no such luck, this is the Netherlands after all. So busy the rest of the year got to be that I am already starting to feel bad for the family’s sake.. Tons of travel and […]